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Action: At the core of well-being!

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We all get into a rut sometimes. Whether you are working through a period of depression, working to improve your self-care, looking for a new hobby, or just wanting to experiment with something new, here is a list to help get the creative juices flowing and to eliminate that lame excuse of “I just can’t think of anything to do!” As much as possible, try novel activities and complete them mindfully. Pay attention to your automatic reactions and judgments. What do you like, what do you despise, what did you find boring or exciting? What did you learn about yourself?

  1. Take a walk around the block
  2. Watch/feed the birds
  3. Try a new game on your phone or Facebook
  4. Email/text someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile
  5. Teach yourself a new recipe

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  6. Listen to a different station on the radio
  7. Open maps, find a nearby town you haven’t been to yet, drive there and explore
  8. Try a coloring book
  9. Learn a new language
  10. Eat something you’ve never had before
  11. Go to the local park and sit on a bench
  12. Take a bath
  13. Try a new herbal tea
  14. Do a puzzle
  15. Try a new podcast
  16. Grind your own coffee beans
  17. Pet an animal – preferably not a wild one!
  18. Read a book or online article
  19. Plant something outside or in a pot – nurture it
  20. Find a pet rock and give it a name and story
  21. Find three things you don’t use anymore and donate them
  22. Feeling frisky? Find three things you don’t use anymore and try to sell them online or using an app (stay safe!)
  23. Watch a YouTube video
  24. Talk to a neighbor
  25. Do a crossword puzzle
  26. Finally organize those old photos
  27. Alphabetize your CDs/DVDs – pitch the ones you don’t want anymore
  28. Try a new workout

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  29. Sleep in the buff
  30. Begin a list of things you are grateful for
  31. Clean out the refrigerator
  32. Go to a movie by yourself
  33. Meet someone new
  34. Repair something in the house
  35. Wear an outfit you haven’t seen in awhile
  36. Spend the day nude (don’t get arrested!)
  37. Window-shop – either in person or online – start a wish list for yourself and loved ones
  38. Find an inspirational quote and write it in removable marker on your bathroom mirror
  39. Try a new sport
  40. Fly a kite
  41. Doodle or draw without self-judgment or critique
  42. Plan a date night
  43. Reorganize your furniture
  44. Sing
  45. Take a nap
  46. Learn or practice a musical instrument

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  47. Handmake a card for someone
  48. Do some baking and give the excess away
  49. Begin writing your memoir
  50. Write a poem or compose a song
  51. Deep clean a room in your home
  52. Take a different route to the store or to work
  53. Hang out with a child (one that you know)
  54. Play solitaire. Don’t know how? Take an online tutorial or ask a friend.
  55. Find a vegetable or fruit at the grocery store that you can’t identify, find out what it is, and figure out a way to eat it (safely)
  56. Give yourself (or somebody else) a massage
  57. Seriously. No one can see you….just dance
  58. Play ‘hot lava’ with your furniture (safely)
  59. Start your bucket list
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Don’t like my examples? Try googling “pleasurable activities list” or create one of your own! Post your ideas in the comments section for others to benefit from JRemember that you don’t have to like an activity in order to benefit from it, and by trying something new you may discover a passion you never knew you had!

If you would like a printable version of this worksheet, click here: CCWS Activities List

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